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We are a training provider in Singapore that delivers virtual and in-person corporate training, which focuses on mindset and behaviour change to achieve higher organisational performance.

Why ILS?

Integrated Learning Systems (ILS) helps companies catalyse the mindset and behaviour change needed to align leadership, engage teams, and develop the competencies that drive a high-performance culture. We implement world class corporate trainings that have been shown to directly impact team performance. Our team is passionate about seeing companies reach their full potential and succeed for years to come.

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As the Growth Mindset Institute’s exclusive partner, we apply Professor Carol Dweck’s research on Growth Mindset to catalyse organisational culture change.

What makes us different?

Growth Mindset.

Coined by Carol S. Dweck, Psychology Professor at Stanford University, Growth Mindset is a mentality driven by the belief that everyone can improve, grow, and adopt new skills. We believe that building a persistent growth mindset helps people to pursue challenging goals and step out of their comfort zone.

Engaging Trainings.

We believe the best way to catalyse mindset and behaviour change is through experiential corporate trainings and interventions focused on helping employees and teams develop a growth mindset. Our trainings have been shown to directly impact mindset, behaviour, and performance among teams.

A Tailored Approach.

We know every company faces unique challenges, which is why we implement tailored solutions. We work with our clients and utilize the GMI Mindset Profiler to understand their greatest needs. We then customise our approach and solutions based on your challenges and goals.

Corporate Training Courses in Singapore

ILS offers corporate training courses throughout Singapore for organisations looking to improve culture and performance.

We work with you to identify the biggest challenges, pain points, and gaps your organisation faces. We recognise that every company is unique, and no two companies face the exact same problems. Our team will dig deep to understand your situation.

Then, our team creates custom training programmes that address your most pertinent challenges. Rooted in Growth Mindset intervention – our programmes help your employees and teams develop a mentality that leads to high performance.

Our trainings are not full of boring presentations or cliche team-building exercises. They are experiential and engaging, utilising real-life scenarios and examples, and led by highly trained facilitators committed to your team’s success.

Our Approach to Higher Performance

The three aspects of organisational transformation are leadership, culture, and individual performance–or competency.

Leadership must be aligned on vision and goals for a company to see success. The Growth Mindset helps leaders learn their role in creating change and take greater accountability for team success. Our work with leadership teams creates alignment on your company’s major goals and clarifies the expectations for each leader’s role in reaching them. After our training, leaders are more confident in their leadership, comfortable discussing setbacks, and accountable for their team’s success.

Your team’s culture drives performance. Growth Mindset helps employees step out of their comfort zone and take responsibility for their role, powering the innovation and agility of a high-performing culture. Our training programmes begin with assessing your team’s greatest needs and lacking competencies. After our training, teams grow more comfortable discussing problems, accountable for their own success, and collaborative in their work.

Individual performance is directly tied to company performance. Teams that practise shifting to a Growth Mindset develop skills inherent to high performance. Our training focuses on building new skills and improving outcomes in a tight timeframe. Employees become more supportive of others, responsible for their own outcomes, and effective in their roles.

Future-Proof Your Organisation with Growth Mindset

The future of work is being shaped by increased levels of automation and artificial intelligence, putting a large number of existing job roles at risk. Failure to prepare your employees could result in your organisation becoming irrelevant in the new economy.

Companies we have trained have shown notable improvements in their performance, attitudes, and mindsets – preparing them for the future of work.

Our Corporate Training Solutions

We work with our clients to determine your most pressing needs, and tailor our approach based on your challenges and goals. We offer three primary custom programmes for:

High-Performing Leaders

We work with leaders to get on the same page, clarify expectations, and take greater accountability for individual and team success.

Culture Transformation

We work with leaders and teams to identify what kind of change is needed and tailor our programmes to help everyone respond swiftly to change, shifting together to create innovative ideas and agile solutions.

Individual Competency Development

We create alignment around company goals and individual skill sets, and then introduce Growth Mindset interventions to help them build resilience to setbacks, focus on progress, and not quit until they succeed.


What is Growth Mindset?

Coined by Carol S. Dweck, Psychology Professor at Stanford University, Growth Mindset is rooted in the belief that everyone can improve and achieve mastery through perseverance and practice. It is about the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn in a myriad of situations and the determination to continue pushing the boundaries to improve. As individuals embrace the Growth Mindset, organisations achieve higher performance.

Why does Growth Mindset matter for organisations?

Research has found that organisations who embrace growth mindset benefit from higher team engagement, greater innovation, and better collaboration. In addition, Growth Mindset prepares organisations for the future of work (FOW) where automations and artificial intelligence will make many organisations and job roles irrelevant and no longer needed in the new economy.

How can ILS help?

As the Growth Mindset Institute’s (GMI) exclusive partner, we apply Professor Dweck’s research on Growth Mindset to design and deliver growth mindset intervention programmes that are proven to develop a genuine growth mindset in people. Our programmes are continuously updated to incorporate Professor Dweck’s latest research to ensure that you get the best growth mindset training for your teams. GMI programmes have been delivered to over 5,000 leaders and their teams in business and government. We learn from every workshop and work to make our training programmes better every day.

What is an ILS corporate training like?

First, we work with you to identify the biggest challenges and pain points your company faces. Then, we create a custom training programme rooted in the Growth Mindset to address your biggest challenges and fuel growth in your team. Our trainings are experiential and engaging, utilizing real-life scenarios and examples.

Going the Extra Mile for Our Clients

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