3 Critical Success Factors of Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn is a combination of an extended lunch break with a learning session that can be conducted conveniently within your company premises.The purpose is to cultivate employees while creating a workplace of communication and collaboration. Lunch & Learn can be used to cover important issues and promote an open platform of information sharing. This article will be covering the critical success factors in conducting Lunch & Learn to raise employees’ morale and address current issues relevant to their behavioural performance.

1. Right Topic and Audience

  • Understand the need for learning
  • Decide on a topic and invite the right audience
  • Focused subject matter
  • Easy-to-understand language
  • Pick a focus either in an emotional, intelligent or behaviour aspects
  • Result: Deliver relevant information to relate and enhance employees job performance

2. Right Speaker and Delivery

  • Choose a compelling speakers
  • Provide takeaways such as tools and techniques
  • Answer the voices of “So what?”
  • Communicate the desired outcome
  • Designed with a concise structure to bring a tightly focused approach to employee development
  • Result: Participants can learn better in digestible and manageable chunks

3. Right Environment and Atmosphere

  • Free Food and/or Freebies!
  • Technical facilities shall be functional
  • Ensure off-site employees are able to access content of the session
  • Make the session interactive and participative, incorporate gamification
  • Result: Innovative use of highly interactive and participative activities lead to improved learning and retention