5 Ways to Build Growth Mindset in Organization

1. Praise for Effort
People with a growth mindset focus on the effort in improving oneself. They believe skills are not fixed and expect hurdles as part of the journey in the pursuit of success. When they are praised for the effort, it adds value in the learning process and it encourages persistence to try using different strategies that could garner greater results.

2. The Power of “Yet”
Often in the process of carrying out new tasks or facing new challenges, failures and mistakes are inevitable. Do failures and mistakes equate end result? – The answer is No, the flip side of adversity is the awareness of “Success Has Yet to Be Achieved”. This awareness motivates their resilience and drives to thrive in their work.

3. Schedule Regular Workshops
Today skills need to be constantly updated and new tools are being developed which can streamline efficiency. Regular workshops can help to improve employees’ knowledge and skills. Sharing of new information allows them to better understand how to align their performance to company goals.

4. Offer Career Development and Coaching
Managers provide a career development plan to motivate and guide subordinates to work towards it. Coaching can be offered to speed up the learning process of the subordinates and improve team achievement.

5. Recognize the Fixed Mindset
Remember there is no such thing as a constant growth mindset, it is important to recognize a fixed mindset across the organization, including yourself. Fixed mindset triggers are like challenges, change or criticism; recognize them and work with them.