The heart of our approach is mindset and behaviour change rooted in all levels of an organisation. We observe and coach people’s behaviour as they work together on real-life projects. These Action Learning Opportunities break down immunity to change, improve agile collaboration, and ensure that the new culture is sustainable.  

Our approach is structured by five pillars of a high-performance culture.

Mindset guides people’s beliefs, informs their choices, and limits or expands their horizons. Therefore, mindset individually and collectively determines the culture of an organisation and how well it responds to opportunities, challenges, and setbacks. Our approach uses a Growth Mindset and behaviour change process that helps people learn, try new approaches, and perform at ever higher levels. 

Alignment on goals and the need for change from the top of the organisation down to entry-level positions is essential. Leadership too often crafts mission statements and disseminates a list of values, hoping their people will rally around new ideas. In reality, this kind of “culture change” creates a profound disconnect between a desired culture and what individuals working across departments experience day-to-day. That disconnect destroys performance. 

Assimilation goes hand-in-hand with alignment and is the key ingredient in employee engagement. People must be persuaded that change is beneficial, within reach, and an ongoing way of being. Growth Mindset speeds assimilation. When individuals embrace the learning process not solely outcomes as the source of their engagement, their relationship to performance becomes more deeply tied to their own competency development. 

Deep learning requires direct application of new mindsets and behaviour to daily work and routines. Here, too, Growth Mindset opens people to expressing their new competencies and supporting one another in forming new habits that sustain high performance. This new level of collaboration increases innovation and agility and activates the diverse skills needed to meet and exceed organisational goals. 

Sustainability depends on leaders who model a Growth Mindset and align the organisation around new habits and collaborative behaviour. Leaders must communicate clearly how each role within the organisation contributes to high-level goals and advocate for teams willing to push out of their comfort zone and take responsibility for their outcomes. This is the culture of high performance that drives the most successful companies in the world.