Excel as a Leader

In this challenging and competitive time, organisations need leaders with resilience and agility, who know who they are and who exhibit the kind of influential leadership that others will want to follow. Action is the outer expression of leadership. But leadership isn’t just what we do. It’s also something that we are, which then drives what we do. Leadership is, at root, about managing and understanding our own internal experience.

The deepest and most lasting leadership comes from the inside out. It’s authentic. It’s real. It’s genuine. Because leadership comes from within, leaders need to harness their personal values, talents, contributions, and vision as the foundation of self-leadership. Firmly rooted leadership values and principles may occur naturally sometimes, but most leaders are too busy to stop and think about the inner roots of authentic and quality leadership.

This program is designed to help leaders examine the core questions that leaders must answer for themselves from within. It also provides the leaders with tools and strategies to explore the challenges of leadership, enhance their personal effectiveness and integrity as leaders, and better enable them to lead from inside out.


Upon completion of this programme, participants will be able to:
  • Improve leadership awareness and openness
  • Understand what it means to lead from the inside out
  • Know their leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Appreciate the need for authenticity and congruence to lead sustainably
  • Refine and articulate the personal vision of themselves as a leader
  • Collaborate while maintaining internal alignment between values and behaviours
  • Reflect on the impact of their actions and identify opportunities for improvement


The workshop is designed for all people managers and business leaders.


We use an innovative combination of active knowledge sharing, games, discussions, hands-on exercises, skills practices, role-plays, and personal reflection to help participants learn without the boredom of lecture style delivery. Group participation and sharing is emphasised in this highly interactive and participative environment. Participants will benefit from an informal, enjoyable learning environment that will encourage active participation and openness. Practical tips and toolkits will also be provided to help the participants apply what they have learnt into their work environment.


2 days (16 hours), up to 20 participants


  • Introduction
    • What Kind of Leader Are You?
    • Johari Window
    • Transforming Organisation Begins with Transforming Self
    • A Leader’s Growth Towards Authenticity
    • Self-leadership/ Personal Mastery


  • Developing Deeper Awareness of My Values and Behaviors
    • The Power of Values
    • Values-based Leadership
    • Becoming a Congruent Leader
  • Reflecting on Experiences and Drawing Important Leadership Lessons
    • The Reflective Learning Cycle
    • My Crucible Events
    • Developing Resilience


  • Light and Shadows of a Leader
    • Leading from Inside Out
    • How Do Leaders Become Aware of Their Shadows?
    • Identifying Our Shadows
    • Leading from Our Light
    • Learning Growth Commitments
    • Leadership Congruence
  • My Personal Leadership Purpose Statement