Growth Mindset for Organizational Agility

Growth Mindset for Organizational Agility

Growth Mindset event on 8 Nov 2018 at Capital Tower, FTSE Room from 2pm - 5pm.

Eventbrite - Growth Mindset for Organizational Agility

In the VUCA business environment, organizations encounter many changes and employees continue to face challenges in adapting to such fast-paced transitions. An adaptive and resilient workforce is an enabler to becoming the learning organization necessary for maximizing agility in such a demanding environment. For individual employees, preparation for the agile work environment requires extensive changes to the mindset. By embracing a growth mindset and seeking out opportunities and experiences that lead to continuous improvement – employees will develop agility to embrace challenges and changes more effectively.

Register to explore:

  • Critical factors to thrive in a VUCA business environment
  • Implications of mindset on learning agility
  • How to foster learning agility and growth mindset

*Recommended for:

  • Strategic leaders and organization developers
  • HR and talent managers
  • Learning and development professionals

Price: $35, inclusive of refreshment and Carol Dweck’s book on “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”.