Growth Mindset for Sales

Growth Mindset for Sales

Why 98% of salespeople can’t exceed their sales targets?

Empirical research on thinking patterns shows that thinking can predict many personal achievements. The most important factor affecting the success of a person is the mode of thinking, whether personal success or professional success. Your consistent thinking will have a direct impact on your behavior, and vice versa.

Source: Jack Malcolm, Bottom-line Selling


10 ways to increase your sales closing rate with the correct mindset:

  1. Set a higher target for yourself.
  2. Invest more time and effort.
  3. Spend more time planning.
  4. Willingness to take calculated risk.
  5. Perseverance in failure and setbacks.
  6. Be more optimistic.
  7. Be more creative.
  8. Willingness to seek, receive feedback and counselling.
  9. Practice make perfect, find opportunity to practice what you have learned.
  10. Enjoy the moment.

Is the mental model of the sales champion born?

Can it be trained?

Carol Dweck is a professor of psychology at Stanford University and works on motivation, personality, and development. Through decades of research, she has identified two types of thinking: fixed thinking and growth thinking. Fixed-minded people regard talent as a quality that they have or do not possess. People with growth mindset believe that intellectual skills and abilities can be cultivated. They are more likely to welcome challenges and looks for ways to improve themselves. Her book Mindset: The new psychology of success, has attracted the attention of the business community and has achieved great success. Dweck believes that fostering growth thinking in organizations is a key factor that helps create greater flexibility and creativity to build a dedicated and trusted workforce.

Recently, ILS CHINA and the American Chamber of Commerce conducted a session on “Growth Mindset” at the Shanghai Mall. Experts from 20 U.S. funded companies have jointly explored the great benefits of the establishment of growth thinking for themselves and their organizations.

With the effective implementation of the curriculum, the participants were pleasantly surprised to see growth-oriented thinking began to quickly establish cognition in their minds; resonate and break out of the mental model instantly.


If you want to experience the magic of changing mindset, join us in Shanghai on March 27 2018

“Growth Mindset for Sales”

This program is designed to propel sales professionals to a breakthrough level of performance and achievement in sales results. The program works on the mindset, methodologies and techniques for success. It will help participants to increase their personal motivation and drive which will lead to increased activity, increased prospecting, and increased success at every stage of the sales process and ultimately more sales revenue and satisfied customers.

What will you learn:

  • A big-picture perspective, focused on continuous growth and positive development
  • Making an impact by letting your winning attitude have its positive effect on those around you
  • Unleashing new sources of positive energy to handle hurdles
  • Become more adaptive, innovative, and resilient
  • Identify the different types of objections and recognize them as opportunities
  • Becoming a stronger sales team that can meet increasing demands

Course content overview

  • Adopting Mindset that Foster Growth
    • Breaking down limiting beliefs
    • Growth vs. fixed mindset
    • Cultivating a positive mindset and “can-do” attitude
    • Developing the strength and confidence to get out of comfort zone
  • Developing Disciplined Thought
    • Confronting the brutal facts
    • Embracing the learner approach to build resilience in the face of challenges
    • Overcoming challenges and key hurdles
  • From Objections to Opportunities
    • The value of objections
    • Understand the real reason behind customers’ objections
    • Effective techniques to convert objections into sales opportunities
  • Action Planning
    • Identifying continuing personal development needs
    • Extending learning into the workplace

Course fees: 3,688 yuan/person

Enjoy early bird discount of 15% if you sign up before 1 March 2018!

Or bring a friend along to enjoy 25% off!


Growth Mindset is ILS’s core theme of 2018. There will be 4 more sessions scheduled for 2018 in Shanghai.

  • 25 May 2018: Minds of Successful Managers
  • 13-14 September 2018: Coaching for Growth
  • 11th October 2018: Growth Mindset and Innovation
  • 06 December 2018: Connecting with Customers (Service Version)

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