How to Cultivate Service Mindset?

Customer’s expectations are changing rapidly due to many alternatives for products or services available in the market. Customer service advocates (CSA) are reacting to respond to the increase in customer’s expectations and concerns. Many organizations invest in training services skills set and miss the importance of mindset. Here are some ways to cultivate a service mindset versatile to various industries and markets.
1.Educate Employees the Definition of “Service Excellence”
Besides standard procedures, flowcharts and scripts are always provided for customer service advocates to follow, a better approach is to educate the holistic definition of “service excellence”. The act of showing empathy to customers’ concerns is far more valuable than providing the most standard textbook solution.

2.Training and Development
Service and technology refreshers are mandatory for CSA. Other various levels of soft skills training are also important to build understanding and empathy in employees. Employees need to understand the importance of every customer touchpoint which could be used as an opportunity to form a long-lasting relationship.

3. Share Customer Insights
Sharing customer data and feedback with internal groups will make the “service excellence” more relevant to the rest of the organization. This allows employees to understand the “why” behind customer behavior, how their reactions can impact the services and what it means to your business.

4.Walk in Your CSA Shoes
Provide a platform for employees who are not in the customer service department such as IT and logistics to also understand what their contributions could impact how the CSA serves customers. This will allow them to create a sense of meaning in their job and they will also work better with the customer service department to deliver service excellence to the customers.

5.Reward and Recognition
A good service culture needs to be reinforced through reward and recognition. This motivation allows employees for continuous improvement and keeping up with customers’ expectations.