25 & 26 March 2021 | IGNITE: Growth Mindset Intervention Workshop (in-person)

25 & 26 March 2021 | IGNITE: Growth Mindset Intervention Workshop (in-person)

25 & 26 March 2021 | 09:00 to 17:00 |
Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre11 Cavenagh Road, Singapore 229616

In response to complex disruptions to the Future of Work – rapid technology evolution and dramatic shifts in workforce expectations impacted by pandemic – adopting a mindset that embraces change and improving learning agility is key to navigating this disruption journey.

Growth Mindset & The Future of Work | The research of Prof Carol Dweck (Stanford University) has demonstrated that a growth mindset is essential to a person’s learning and development. It is demonstrated that growth mindset interventions can accelerate and deepen upskilling programmes in a future of work context.

In this 2-day workshop you will start your mindset journey by understanding your mindset and how it impacts the way you respond to challenges and setbacks.

You will develop strategies and learn how to use practical tools to help you overcome the constraints of the fixed mindset. You will also learn how to coach yourself and take growth mindset actions for your personal growth.


  • Understand the importance of “Mindset and Me”
  • Discover the two mindsets and why they matter
  • Understand the neuroscience of learning and growth
  • Recognise your fixed mindset triggers and how they affect performance and behaviour
  • Recognise and avoid a false growth mindset
  • Identify specific strategies to kick start your growth journey
  • Use the “Growth Action Planner” to create concrete steps to help you achieve your learning goals
  • Recognise your internal voice as part of your “inner critic” — your Fixed Mindset Persona (FMP)
  • Coach yourself into a more persistent growth mindset


  • Pre-work: You will complete an online mindset assessment to assess your mindset triggers, mindset beliefs and attitudes toward team development. This is a validated assessment tool developed by Growth Mindset Institute in partnership with Professor Carol Dweck, Dr Mary Murphy and Dr Katie Muenks.
  • The five zones of development
  • What mindsets mean and why they matter
  • Differences between fixed and growth mindsets
  • The neuroscience of learning and growth
  • Eight fixed mindset triggers
  • Awareness of own fixed mindset triggers in different contexts
  • Common misunderstanding about the growth mindset
  • Strategies for managing fixed mindset triggers
  • Use the “Growth Action Planner” for intentional pursuit of goals with a growth mindset  
  • Characteristics and impact of your Fixed Mindset Persona (FMP)
  • Coaching your inner critic to reduce the threat of fixed mindset reactions
  • Resilient self narrative to foster persistent growth mindset


Participants will receive:

  • Pre & Post learning resources
  • Learner’s Guide
  • Workshop Summary slides
  • Growth Mindset Agent Certificate

* Cost per participant includes venue, lunch and tea breaks.


Why ILS?

ILS is exclusive authorised partner of Growth Mindset Institute (GMI) who collaborates directly with Professor Carol Dweck to design and deliver mindset workshops and behaviour change programmes that are proven to develop a genuine growth mindset in people. Our mindset workshops are designed to give people the insights, motivation and tools to become more self-aware of their mindset and to develop strategies for developing a stronger growth mindset. Why? Research indicates that people with a more persistent growth mindset are more collaborative and engaged with their peers and teams. They set more challenging goals and persist with them even in the face of challenges, setbacks and new demands.

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