Navigating Change & Workplace Transformation

Change is inevitably the only constant in the context of today’s highly competitive and volatile business environment. An organisation’s capacity to change and manage change becomes a critical differentiating factor that ensures its continued development and success. Building strong change leadership in the organisation, coupled with a powerful engagement process, will help build a resilient and agile organisation that can cope with the uncertain times ahead. In today’s dynamic environment, leading successful change is no longer a managerial luxury but a critical necessity.

This customised virtual programme is designed to help people managers and leaders become better equipped to steer their organisations and their people through change and transformation. Participants will be provided with practical framework and techniques to communicate and drive desired changes in their teams.


Upon completion of this programme, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the brutal facts of change
  • Understand the key process and people side of change
  • Adopt a structured process to lead change and transformation
  • Develop confidence in leading change at various levels
  • Apply various strategies and techniques to guide their team through the change process
  • Support their team to develop resilience in times of change


All people managers who want to become effective change leaders and help their teams manage changes and transformations successfully.


We use an innovative combination of active knowledge sharing, games, discussions, exercises, skills practices and personal reflection to help participants learn without the boredom of lecture style delivery. Group participation and sharing is emphasised in this highly interactive and participative environment. Participants will benefit from an informal, enjoyable learning environment that will encourage active participation and openness. Practical tips and toolkits will also be provided to help the participants apply what they have learnt into their work environment.


1 day (7 hours), up to 20 participants


  • Introduction
    • What is change?
    • Myths surrounding change
  • Leading People Side of Change
    • Understanding the common reactions to change
    • Recognising the phases of change
    • Transiting through the various phases of change
    • Strategies to lead and support others in dealing with change and transformation
    • Managing emotions and resistance
  • Inspiring and Influencing the Change
    • Establish the need to change
    • Developing change vision and goals
    • Communicating for buy-in
    • Strategies to facilitate the change process
  • Transforming into the Successful Change Leader
    • Goal setting in applying tools and techniques at the workplace
    • Application at the workplace

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