Service Excellence

Service Excellence

Customer Service today assumes more significance than the products. In order to survive the intense competition in any market, the whole organization must adapt itself to a Service Culture. Employees, irrespective to their job function, need to learn skills and principles of ‘Internal and External’ customer orientation. This alone will result in heightened sensitivity towards customer expectations and raise standards of service.

Service excellence goes a long way in improving the image of your company and provides vital word-of-mouth publicity which is not only inexpensive but also greatly enriches your brand equity.

Integrated Learning Systems helps businesses develop a strong and positive service culture in Singapore. Our programs focus on developing competencies and best practices in Customer Service, both in the local and international contexts. They are designed to empower your teams with ample techniques, tools and learning points so that your overall service capabilities are enhanced.

Our Service Excellence programs:

  • Applying Emotional Intelligence & Empathy in Service
  • Customer First Service
  • Coach a Service Team
  • Deliver Service Excellence
  • Handling Difficult People
  • Handling Difficult Situation
  • Hosting the Customer/Guest
  • Lead a Service Team
  • Provide GEMS Service
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Customer Care on the Phone
  • Advanced Customer Service Skills
  • Service Mannerism
  • Service Recovery Excellence