Group CEO | Honsen Group

Kelvin Lim

“We have been doing business with ILS consistently since 2009. Over the years, ILS has been a trusted partner, and remained a tremendous contributor to the success of our transformation. ILS has fuelled the growth of our management team and people to embrace change and develop the necessary competencies to manage heightened challenges as we grew our revenue by more than 450%.

We have found that ILS has the versatility and the scale to deliver what we need, and we have gotten sustainable results from ILS’s involvement. Unlike typical training companies, ILS uses a holistic roadmap approach to make sure all development efforts are integrated, and that the employees are able to retain and apply what they have learnt. We have observed marked improvement in our people.”

Human Resources Manager | Vopak Terminals Singapore Pte Ltd

Hannah Ong

“In this journey we have undertaken with ILS, I have been extremely pleased with the way things have progressed. From the first time they pitched their approach to the eventual sign off, and the subsequent follow up, I applaud the team at ILS for their professionalism, customer focused approach, and their sincerity in engaging us in the delivery of the program. They were selected primarily for the extra mile they went in trying to understand Vopak situation better, and in their approach, correctly address the leadership challenges we were facing.”

Director | World-Wide Shipping Managers Pte Ltd

Andreas Sohmen-Pao

“We have consistently been impressed by ILS’ experiential training style, which ensures a results focus and continuous improvement. Over time we have seen a marked change in our employees’ skills and attitudes. ILS is professional and proactive, but more importantly their team has proven to be wonderful to work with and a key part of our training and development team. We have no hesitation to recommend their services to other organizations.”

Head, Human Resource Department | Mohamed Mustafa & Samsuddin Co Pte Ltd

Mohamed Ghouse

“After trying them out on a few classes, we have formed a strategic partnership with ILS in the area of Human Resource Competence Development. We were not only impressed by the standard of delivering but also on the concerted effort they put in to customize the program to focus on issues, which are important to us. Front line staff in Mustafa comes in contact with customers who come from various nationalities and cultures. ILS made special attention, to study the customer service issues, which are not typically found in other departmental stores. Through the communication program participants were made familiar in handling customer service related issues. In our post training evaluation, we have seen an improvement in our staff’s communication skills with customers.”

Chief Operating Officer | NTUC Childcare Co-operative Ltd

Angela Liang

“ILS not only put together an adequate set of materials specific to the needs of NTUC Childcare, but also enhanced this through effective training. ILS was able to conduct training for all levels of staff, including customer service awareness courses for frontline staff. Extending from this basic training, ILS also carried out a Coaching the Coach program. The training received from ILS has equipped NTUC Childcare with the tools to achieve service excellence.”

General Manager | Ambassador Transit Hotel

Jann Chan

“We received excellent feedback from our trainees on ILS’ delivery. We were impressed with how the trainer was able to impart the relevant know-how to our people in a patient and diligent manner. The trainer not only made the training fun but also helped translated the contents into learning for our trainees. ILS did a great job in ensuring that the training was practical and applicable to our work situations.”

Deputy Director (Sports Excellence Division) | Singapore Sports Council

Eric Song

“I recalled that your delivery and conduct of the workshop was succinctly clear and comprehensive. You also took great pains to ensure that the lessons in the workshops were well learned and understood, and particularly made valuable time at the end of the day for that important process. I have had the opportunity to observe and assess staff and must say that there have been marked improvements in terms of staff’s approaches to project work, problem-solving and even mere brainstorming and general discussion sessions. We have been deeply impressed by the professionalism with which ILS has served us.”

Section Manager, Human Resource Development | Makino Asia Pte Ltd

Jamie Tay

“We are happy of the level of services that ILS has provided to Makino Asia. From account management, training delivery to administrative support, ILS has demonstrated professionalism, promptness and efficiency in handling our training requirements. ILS believes in partnership with Makino Asia and takes effort to understand the specific objectives and requirements to deliver quality and effective training programs for the company.”

Singapore Airport Terminal Services

“Given the opportunity to reflect on myself and allow me to open up and change my mindset.”

Institute of Mental Health

“Trainer was able to demonstrate through actions what is meant by to give GEMS service.”

Keppel Shipyard

“ILS has been very proactive and enthusiastic in helping us to overcome our training problems. Much effort has been made on their part to make the training relevant to their background, as I personally witnessed at one of the training sessions.”

Comfort Transportation

“Trainer gives simple examples to explain the theory. It is clear and fun. Make the learning very interesting.”

Pioneer Electronics

“I like the group discussion/ participation and role playing. It helps build relationship as well as make class more fun.”

Tech Group Asia

“We are impressed with the standard of training delivery and how trainers have been able to relate the course concept to real life examples for our trainees. We get specific trainers whom we believe can relate better to our wide profile of employees.”


“The trainer has shared a lot of work experiences. She has given good examples to make the class more interesting.”