Influential Leaders

In today’s ever evolving organisations, the role of leaders too has evolved. Successful leaders of today will agree that their role involves much more than just being directive. Gone are the days where coercion and authoritative styles were used. Today’s leader needs to possess a new age of influence to effectively make things happen. It may take the form of inspiring others, gaining support, persuading others to become their champions, engaging someone, or building relationships.

This virtual programme is designed to help participants bring out their influential leadership qualities from within and enable them to self-manage and to influence others effectively. Participants will learn valuable and practical strategies to improve their influencing skills and, in the process, achieve a greater understanding of their own personal style.


Upon completion of this programme, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the concept of inspirational leadership and influence at the workplace
  • Recognise own influencing style and how to flex this style effectively
  • Develop the behaviours to better communicate and gain acceptance
  • Identify ways to grow the capacity to influence and inspire others
  • Discover a variety of techniques to influence and inspire others in everyday situations


Corporate leaders, and those who wish to enhance their influencing skills and become inspirational role models to their team.


A balanced use of mini lectures, visual presentations, group discussions, self-assessments, skills practices, and personal reflection. Group participation and sharing is emphasised in this highly interactive and participative environment. Practical tips and toolkits will also be provided to help the participants apply what they have learnt into their work environment.


1 day (7 hours), up to 20 participants


  • The Concept of Influence
    • Premise of influencing others
    • Fundamental attitude for influencing
    • Influential leadership model
  • Behavioural Style
    • Understanding the various behavioural styles
    • Identifying others’ behavioural styles and needs
    • Enhancing influence through behavioural adaptability
  • Influencing Approach
    • Passive, aggressive, assertive behaviours
    • Push vs. pull influencing styles
    • Putting influencing styles into practice
  • Inspiring Leadership
    • Who inspire me?
    • Inspiring and leading others

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